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CNET Editors’ review

Yoovi lets you create albums from the photos in your library to share with specific friends and family using nothing but a phone number. With this app, you can reach people who don’t have social media accounts and keep them in the loop with all of your latest adventures. And you can share specific photos with only the people you choose without having to make them public for everyone to see.

Yoovi walks you through setting up your account and creating albums the first time you open it. The only information you need to enter is your name and phone number, and then you’ll receive a text message with a confirmation code to verify the number. Once you’ve entered the code, you’re ready to start creating albums. Choose photos from your camera roll, photo streams, or other albums on your phone. Adding is quick and efficient, although the uploading process can take a few minutes and we found that in some cases the process didn’t always work the first time. The app also freezes momentarily from time to time when uploading photos and processing the cover image for an album.

Sharing your albums is no problem, though, as the app can access your contacts and send a message to whomever you choose with a link for them to use to join the group. Members can like photos and leave comments, making this a fun and comfortable way to share photos with the important people in your life.

Publisher’s Description

From Eytan Levit:

YooviCreate beautiful privately shared group albums. Fully control who sees your photos, and who can add photos, ideal for families that don’t want to put their kids photos on Facebook or Instagram.Using Yoovi’s simple photo feed, see what’s new, comment, like and add new photos to group albums you’re part of.Features:* 100% percent free cloud hosting & backup.* Beautiful albums.* Unlimited uploads.* Unlimited albums.* Totally private, only people you explicitly invite from your phone’s address book get to see your photos.* Complete control: You decide if others can add photos and invite other members.* All photos are backed up in print quality.* Upload to multiple albums at once.* And much more.

What’s new in this version: Everything is new in version 2.0, seriously, we rewrote Yoovi from scratch to make it the most amazing app private group photo sharing app ever.These are the main things we focused on:1. Beautiful, private albums.2. Dead simple photo feed.3. Super functional and fast photo uploader.4. A more intuitive way to invite people to the albums.and much more.

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