Recently many users have complained about their issues on iPhone. One of the common issues that users face is that Yahoo Mail is not working on their iPhone. When they discover Yahoo Mail not working on iPhone issue, they immediately go to the Yahoo support forums for solutions.

While Yahoo always tells users to download and use their latest Yahoo Mail application on their iOS devices, but here we will bring in some solutions that might help resolve the issue for iPhone users.


1: Basic Solutions to Fix Yahoo Mail Not Working on iPhone

If the Yahoo Mail features are not working properly, you can follow this guide, which has some basic solutions to fix this issue.

Option 1: Sign in and out of Yahoo Account

Step 1. If you are not receiving the emails in your inbox, you can sign out and then again sign in to your Yahoo account.

Step 2. Go to Yahoo mail -> Sign out of your account. Open Yahoo mail and then sign in with the correct ID and password.

Option 2: Delete and Re-add Yahoo Mail on Your iPhone

For this common issue, you can delete the Yahoo Mail (if you have added it before) from iOS Mail on your iPhone and then re-add Yahoo Mail to it.

Step 1. Open Settings and enter Accounts & Passwords.

Step 2. Tap on your Yahoo account and then tap Delete Account.

Step 3. Now go to Settings and Accounts & Passwords again.

Step 4. Tap Add Account and then choose Yahoo.

Step 5. Enter the Yahoo Mail address and password and sign in. You can now read all your emails again on your iPhone.

Option 3: Enable Cellular Data

The issue of Yahoo mail not working on iPhone can arise if you have not enabled cellular data for the Mail app. If you are out of Wi-Fi coverage, this may happen on your iPhone. Just open Settings -> Cellular -> Toggle the Mail app on.

Option 4: Update iOS Version to the Latest

The old iOS versions will always have some bugs. Update your iPhone to the latest iOS versions to fix the bugs in existing versions.

Go to Settings -> General -> Software Update.

This is to check if there is any new iOS software update available. Make sure your device is connected to a Wi-Fi network to update.

Option 5: Set SMTP Server

You can also set SMTP server and check if the issue is resolved. Follow the steps to set SMPT server.

Step 1. Go to Settings and then Accounts & Passwords.

Step 2. Choose Yahoo! -> Account -> Outgoing Mail Server SMTP -> Other SMTP Servers.

Step 3. The Hostname will be Enter name and password.

Step 4. You need to set the port to 465 or 587 and SSL to Yes.

Option 6: Use Yahoo Mail App

If there is something wrong with Yahoo emails on your iPhone, you can download and install the Yahoo Mail app from App Store.

Step 1. Open App Store and type Yahoo Mail in the Search bar.

Step 2. Locate the app and install on your iPhone.

Step 3. Log in to your Yahoo account. You can now read all your Yahoo emails on your iPhone.

Option 7: Generate Third-Party App Passwords

Follow these steps if Yahoo prompts you to use third-party passwords during sign-in from other apps, such as the iOS Mail app.

Step 1. Sign in to your account on web and go to Account Security page.

Step 2. Click on Generate app passwords or Manage app passwords.

Step 3. Your app will be displayed in the drop-down list. Select it and click Generate.

Step 4. Follow the instructions and click Done. Now, you should use this app password with your email address to sign in.


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