Apple has seeded the third beta version of iOS 11 to developers for testing, which brings some fixes and updates to iOS 11 beta, and let’s check them out.

1. Swipe Up To Quit Apps on iPad

The new App Switcher in iPad brings back the support for swiping up on the application to quit it. This works for both single apps and Split View app. The previous implementation where you had to tap and hold the app to reveal the close button was a bit too convoluted. Swiping up to close the app feels more natural and it’s what we’re used to from the last couple of versions in iOS.

The multitasking feature on iPhone also works more reliably now. Swiping up to close apps on iPhone is no longer buggy.

2. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Toggle Behavior Change

The third iOS 11 beta changes the behavior of the W-Fi toggle. Now, when you tap on the Wi-Fi toggle, it doesn’t actually turn off the Wi-Fi feature, like it does in iOS 10. Now, it just disconnects from the current Wi-Fi network and doesn’t connect to any other network that might be available and logged in (effectively disabling the Wi-Fi networking feature temporarily).

When you tap on the toggle again, iOS will start searching for networks again and connect to the preferred network.

This has big ramifications to how we use our devices. Now,  even when you “turn Wi-Fi off”, you’ll be able to use features like AirDrop that don’t need you to be connected to the Wi-Fi network but use the same technology to create a secure mesh network of its own. The Bluetooth toggle also functions similarly.

3. Some New Updates for Safari

Safari in iOS 11 Beta 3 is filled with new updates and features. First is an entirely new authentication API called SFAuthenticationSession. Developers can use it alongside OAuth for authenticating users directly from apps and websites.
Safari’s in-app browser gets a visual update as well. Now, when you 3D Touch a link that’s going to open in the Safari View Controller, you get a better UI. The toolbar is collapsed and new default preview options have been added as well.
Content Blockers in iOS 11 beta were broken so far. Now, in Beta 3, they’re all working again.

4. More Updates and Other Bug Fixes

The update is filled with smaller bug fixes and stability fixes. Like AirPlay now works as it should, especially when used in third party apps; the new feature that allows you to sync messages using iCloud now shows a counter tell you just how many messages are being backed up; the Music app no longer shuffles all songs by default, and Family Purchases are now showing up in the new App Store. Erase all content & Settings option is now working again.

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