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A new study from research company Survata looked at whether current iPhone and Android users are likely to switch to the iPhone 6 once it launches in the coming weeks, with CNET reporting the study reveals that “only” 5% of Android users are “very likely” to switch to Apple’s upcoming iPhone. However, what seems like a small percentage could actually be a huge deal for both Apple and Google.

Looking at percentages alone isn’t enough, as the same study shows that a “mere” 6% of existing BlackBerry users are going to move to an iPhone 6 according to the same study. Does that mean that more BlackBerry users are going to buy the iPhone 6 than Android users?

Of course not.

Android currently has more than 1 billion users in the world, and if “only” 5% of them switch to iPhone 6, that would mean more than 50 million Android users would purchase an iPhone 6 model that’s likely priced at anywhere between $650 and $850 (considering current iPhone 5s prices), translating into tens of billions in revenue for Apple.

As for BlackBerry, the former top mobile OS maker continues to struggle, so the word “mere” likely accurately describes the number of users expected to ditch BlackBerry in favor of iOS, according to the study.

While the study does indicate that current smartphone owners are loyal to existing platforms, Apple’s iPhone 6 stealing 5% of Android users would be a big deal for Apple’s bottom line considering how huge the Android ecosystem is.

Survata, whose surveys are apparently used by many Fortune 100 companies, also said that 12.4% of Android users are somewhat likely to switch to iPhone 6, which could mean that 17.4% of Android users “are some kind of likely to switch,” as CNETputs it.

iphone 6

The research company says the study surveyed 889 consumers between September 2 and September 4, and has a 3.3% margin of error.

Meanwhile, various reports have claimed Apple is making up to 80 million combined 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 units by the end of the year, suggesting the iPhone 6 may be the company’s biggest handset launch yet.
Reference: http://bgr.com/

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