Some users are stuck using the buggy iOS 9.2.1 but if you’re one of those users then don’t worry, as you can safely downgrade to iOS 9.2. You’re not normally allowed to downgrade to an older version of iOS thanks to Apple’s latest policies but some of the more tech savvy users have figured it out lately.

Ever since Apple released iOS 9 last fall it was more or less a disaster for the majority of people using it but we were hoping that future patches would fix the situation. As it turns out, we were dead wrong. Apple is focusing on silly features such as emojis and camera tweaks rather than addressing the crucial problems that the majority of iOS users have been encountering. The same can be said about iOS 9.2.1 which is a pretty bad update and causes more problems than it fixes but you can go back to iOS 9.2 which was somewhat more stable if you please. The trick lies in iTunes so get ready to do some tinkering.

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How To Downgrade To iOS 9.2

Before doing anything huge to your system always back up your devices using iTunes. This is a crucial step so make sure to pay attention. Once you get this over with then you can visit this link and download the iOS 9.2 files onto your computer. Keep in mind that the file size is somewhere between 1.5 and 2.3 GB so you should get ready for a long download. Once these files are downloaded you’ll need to open up iTunes, go to your device then click on Restore iPhone (Settings > iCloud > Find My Phone. This should restore you phone to iOS 9.2 and then you can just restore your files.

Have you managed to downgrade? Tell us why you chose to downgrade to iOS 9.2 from iOS 9.2.1 by leaving a comment.

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