Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge phone sales are up 25 percent from last year’s S6 and S6 Edge according to figures released earlier this month. But what is causing this increase in sales from the Korean smartphone giant? Let’s take a look.

The Galaxy S series has a growth-spurt

According to Counterpoint Technology Research, the S7 series is up 25 percent from the sales of the S6 series. The country that had the most growth was the United States. American buyers are hungry for the S7 series and US sales are up 30 percent from last year’s sales of the S6 series.

Samsung entered into the premium market and high-end buyers are acknowledge to the idea of Samsung as a premium manufacturer. Perception is a powerful thing; the idea of a device as ‘premium’ takes time and buyers need to warm to that before it’s popular.

Sales growth for the United States is up 30 percent for the S7 series

Samsung made a device that looked high-end without copying Apple. It created its own premium space by appealing to Western consumers while retaining a unique style that embodies Samsung’s technological innovation. It gave buyers a clear choice in the premium market by not creating silicon copies of the iPhone.

Meanwhile, Apple sales are flat

iPhone sales are stagnant. According to Statisa, iPhone sales from January-March of 2016 grew by less than one percent from 2015. This is the slowest sales growth year over year for iPhones. Now, even Apple is acknowledging that it could see its first decrease in iPhone sales growth ever.

Samsung is now Apple’s main competitor in the premium market. Samsung Galaxy S devices were always premium smartphones but now they also look like premium devices. Buyers see them as alternatives to iPhones. It’s possible that we are witnessing the tipping point where Samsung and many other Android manufacturers rise as Apple begins its steady decline.
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Samsung hit a homerun

Samsung pulled off a tactical victory with the S6 and S6 Edge. It took a huge risk coming into Apple’s unchallenged premium space and it made a superb device that captured buyers’ attention. That’s part of the reason why sales of the S7 series are up. But we also need to give Samsung credit for the improvements it made in making the S7 series.

With the S7 and S7 Edge, Samsung went back to the future. It brought back the microSD slot. It improved the design. The phone lays flat because the camera doesn’t push out of the device as much as with the S6 series. And the S7 series is more stylish than I could have imagined.

Perception will continue to change. High-end buyers will continue to see Samsung as a premium device and flock to Android as a result. But in the grand scheme of things: Samsung has made a small step for its Galaxy series and a giant leap for Android.

What do you attribute the sales growth of the Galaxy S series to? Let us know in the comments.
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