Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 is the best phablet in the world right now. Period. It might not be quite as sleek as Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus and it certainly isn’t selling as fast, but as a phablet, it’s the best there is. The Note 4 isn’t just bigger for the sake of being bigger, which is arguably the case with Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus. Instead, the Galaxy Note 4 touts fantastic and unique software features that make great use of its giant display.

As terrific as Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 already is, however, people who own the phone are going to be a bit envious later this week when Samsung launches a new version of the Note 4 that’s even better than the original.

According to South Korea-based technology news site The Electronic Times, Samsung will launch a brand new version of its popular Galaxy Note 4 smartphone sometime this week. The new model will be visually identical to the current Note 4 and it will have similar internal components.

The main upgrade for the new Galaxy Note 4 model will be its Exynos 5433 processor, which features support for Cat. 9 LTE.

Samsung’s new Note 4 will support blistering LTE speeds of up to 450Mbps, and it will reportedly initially be offered by SK Telecom as a flagship device for the Korean carrier’s new LTE-A network, which launched last month. It is unclear if or when the Galaxy Note 4 S-LTE will launch elsewhere.

Reference: BGR

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