Which is better: Android or Apple? Samsung Galaxy or the iPhone 6 (or iPhone 6 Plus)?

Arguments can be made in either direction, but new reports suggest the next iPhone — rumored to be called the iPhone 6S — could crush the competition. And Apple may already be betting big on its launch, expected this fall.

The Wall Street Journal reports the company is producing between 85 and 90 million new iPhone units by the end of this year. That’s a record number for Apple, which reportedly ordered suppliers to make 70-80 million units for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus launch last year.

The company broke its own record last year by selling 10 million units of the larger iPhones in the first three days of availability, so how could it keep breaking records?

According to Business Insider, the iPhone 6S — which could also be called the iPhone 7 — is expected to be slightly thicker (0.2 millimeters) than the iPhone 6. Schematics published by Engadget Japan suggest the design will be very similar, using the same accessories and components, including the NFC chip for Apple Pay.

The two biggest differences expected in the next-generation iPhone are Force Touch, which made its debut on the Apple Watch earlier this year, and an improved camera. It might not scream “get ready for long lines again!” to many customers, but ZDNet’s Larry Dignan points out a better camera could be all Apple needs to beat the Galaxy S6 now.

“Apple apparently has a two-year catch-up plan to thump Samsung,” Dignan writes:

Year one: Match Samsung’s large-screen play and take away the thing that kept people on Android. Enter the 4.7- and 5.5-inch screen iPhones.Year two (coming with the iPhone 6s): Take away Samsung’s camera edge and match the megapixels. Samsung regularly touts that the camera in its Galaxy line cribs technology from its standalone cameras. Apple can counter with more megapixels and argue that it’s more of a DSLR replacement.”

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus currently feature an 8 MP (megapixel) iSight camera that features optical image stabilization and 1080p HD-quality video, with a front-facing camera at 1.2 MP and 720p HD video. Apple’s software has remained its sole argument against Android devices and other smartphones that boast twice as many megapixels (or more), but the tide could turn with a bigger, better iPhone camera.

Apple is expected to unveil the new iPhone 6S at a special event in September, with a release date already rumored for Friday, Sept. 18. Going with tradition, that means the announcement could come on Tuesday, Sept. 8.

The famously secretive tech giant won’t offer any confirmations or details until then, but stay tuned.

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