A couple of weeks ago Samsung confirmed what had been rumored for a while – refurbished Galaxy Note7s will be made available, only not in the US (and not in India, either). Well, now a few live photos allegedly showing one such unit have surfaced out of Vietnam, where the company does have manufacturing facilities, so it could very well be the real thing.

This new Note7 (which may not even be called that to avoid explosion references) has been assigned a different model number as the settings menu can attest to – N935 now, as opposed to the N930 of the original one.

Additionally, battery capacity is listed at 3,200mAh, 300mAh less than what Note7 v1.0 had. Seeing as how the extremely tight internal margins were deemed part of the reason for the Note7’s recall and subsequent halt of production, a smaller capacity and thus physically more compact battery should be just fine inside the same space. Though you probably don’t need us to tell you that endurance will take a hit.

Even if this is, in fact, an actual refurbished Note7, there’s obviously no details on when and where the phone will be made available. We still have to wait for more details.

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