It’s a necessity to have a PC to iPad mini transfer tool. Then, you can transfer files, like music, videos, photos, to your iPad Mini at any time. Although you can do it with iTunes, you will lose music, videos, etc. on your iPad Mini. In this case, you can try Syncios PC to iPad Mini Transfer. It can not only import music, videos, photos and more from PC to your iPad Mini, but also keep your iPad Mini previous data.

PC to iPad Mini Transfer

How to Transfer files from PC to iPad Mini?

Step 1: Connect your iPad Mini to the computer

To get started, connect your iPad Mini to computer via a USB cable. The iPad Mini file transfer from PC is fully compatible with iPad mini, iPad Air, iPad with Retina display, The New iPad, iPad 2 and iPad when they’re running iOS 7/6/5.

Launch Syncios PC to iPad Mini Transfer on your computer. After this program detects your iPad, you will get the primary window below.

Transfer Music from iPhone to PC

Step 2: Transfer files from computer to iPad Mini

Now, we will show you how to transfer music, videos and photos and more to your iPad Mini one by one.

<Music> Click Media in the left directory tree and you can get different media types on the right. To import music, you can click Music. Then, click Import button to import music from PC to iPad Mini. Choose your wanted music files and import them to your iPad Mini.

Transfer Music from iPhone to PC

<Video> To import videos, you can click Videos on the right panel. Likewise, click the Import button to import video to iPad Mini.

Transfer Music from iPhone to PC

Note: With Syncios PC to iPad Mini Transfer, you can also import podcast, iTunes U, music videos and more to your iPad Mini.

<Playlist> If you have saved many playlists on your computer, you can transfer them to your iPad Mini too. Go to the top line of Syncios, click New Playlist. Then input the playlist name. Choose the playlist you just created from the right panel, clickImport button, then a file browser window would pop up. Navigate to the place where you saved playlist and then import music to the playlist.

Transfer Music from iPhone to PC

<Photo> Besides music and videos, this PC to iPad Mini transfer without iTunes tool empowers you to import photos as well. Click Photos in the left directory tree. Then, all albums are displayed on the main window.

If you want to import an album, click the Import button and find the album folder in your computer and import it to your iPad Mini. Well, if you intend to add some photos, choose an album on your iPad Mini to save the photos from the right. Or you can click New to create one. Open the album and click Import button again. Choose your wanted photos and import them.

Transfer Music from iPhone to PC

<Contacts> This PC to iPad Mini file transfer tool enables you to recover contacts to your iPad Mini from the Syncios backup, or your can manage your contacts directly from Syncios iPad Mini Manager.

Transfer Music from iPhone to PC

It’s easy to transfer files from computer to iPad with Syncios iPad Mini Transfer, isn’t it? In addition, this program also lets you transfer music, videos, podcast, iTunes U, and more to your PC and iTunes. Thus, why not download it to try it on your own?