LG’s next-gen flagship smartphone, the G4, is expected to launch on April 28. How do we know? It’s simple: LG can’t keep quiet over the handset.

Last week saw LG unveiling the phone’s 5.5-inch Quad HD display; Monday, we got our first glimpse of the UX 4.0 software that will run the show. Today, we’re learning about the improved camera lens.
A new YouTube video from LG shows the forthcoming smartphone with an f/1.8 aperture limit. In short, this means more light on the sensor and better image quality in low-light conditions.

For the sake of comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S6 packs an f/1.9 lens, while the HTC One M9 offers an f/2.2 lens. Does this mean a better overall picture? Not necessarily. Processing algorithms have a bit to do with that. The jump does signal, however, an improvement over last year’s model.

The LG G4’s full camera details have yet to be confirmed, but it’s rumored to pack a 16-megapixel rear camera. We might also expect the laser autofocus found in the G3 and this year’s G Flex 2.

Another interesting feature we see in the LG G4 is at least an option for a leather backing. Invitations to the April 28 event show the handset as having what appears to be a leather, or at least leatherlike, finish.

It isn’t clear whether the LG G4 will have a natural leather cover like the Moto X or the faux stuff of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Fortunately, all of these unanswered questions should be addressed in the coming weeks, possibly even before the April 28 launch at the rate LG is releasing its secrets.

Reference: CNET

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