Hey fam, have you ever been scrolling through your timeline and come across some legal lingo that just doesn’t make sense? Don’t trip, we got you! Let’s break down some of these terms and find out what they really mean.

Legal Term What it Means
FINRA Cross Trade Rules These rules regulate the trading of securities between two parties associated with the same company to ensure fairness and transparency in the market.
Raise a Point of Law This phrase means to bring up a specific legal issue or question in a court case for consideration.
What Does Lodge Mean in Law In legal lingo, “lodge” refers to the formal submission or deposit of a document, such as a complaint or evidence, with a court or other authority.
Etihad Airways Pilot Requirements These are the qualifications and application process for becoming a pilot with Etihad Airways.
E-Verify Law in Florida This law sets out the requirements and compliance guidelines for employers to verify the employment eligibility of their workers.
Honolulu Legal Jobs These are job opportunities in the legal field located in Honolulu.
Law Enforcement Shows on Netflix These are must-watch police documentaries and shows available for streaming on Netflix.
Legal Contract Phrase NYT Crossword Clue This refers to a specific legal term or phrase that may appear as a clue in a New York Times crossword puzzle.
Legal Jobs York PA These are employment opportunities in the legal field located in York, Pennsylvania.
Legal Literacy Means This phrase refers to the understanding and knowledge of legal concepts and their importance in society.

So, there you have it! Next time you come across some legal jargon, you’ll be in the know. Keep it real, squad!