Yo, listen up, ’cause I’m here to say,
We’re diving into legal laws and agreements today.
From deadbeat dad law in Colorado to the legal age of drinking in Portugal,
We’ve got the facts, no need to snort a snort.

Is dropshipping legal on AliExpress? Well, let me tell you, mate,
We’ll unravel the truth and set it straight.
And don’t forget the safe haven laws in Nebraska that many don’t know,
But trust me, after this, you’ll be good to go.

The right to forget law is a hot debate,
But we’ll break it down, so hold on, don’t hate.
And if you’re making an agreement with a partnership firm, we’ve got your back,
Just keep on reading, no need to attack.

What’s the deal with Black Law Dictionary? Let’s make it clear,
We’ll spell it out, you’ve got nothing to fear.
And for those who wonder what is Sharia law in simple terms,
We’ll break it down, no need to squirm.

Lastly, we’ve got the Starbucks license agreement and more,
We’ve covered it all, that’s for sure.
So if you’re legally answerable, not just for kicks,
Check out our rap, it’s got all the tricks.