The Interwebs rejoiced when concepts and would-be renders were tossed in the trash and replaced by seemingly legit iPhone 6 prototype photos, but as rock-solid their sources appeared, it looks like the images may have been doctored.

Needless to say that we’d have probably been better off if we didn’t get so worked up in the first place about, well, gossip. But hey, how else are die-hard Apple fans to pass time until the summer or, worse, the fall? And make no mistake, there’ll be plenty of rumors to put under the microscope, analyze, overanalyze and ultimately debunk between now and whenever iPhone 6 models go official.

Cutting to today’s chase, multiple skilled Sherlock Holmes wannabes conducted pretty impressive investigative work on the purported iPhone 6 “leaks”, reaching one conclusion and one conclusion only: they’re phony. Sure, their evidence is circumstantial, at best, but when in doubt, it’s wiser to take the cautious approach.


Exhibit #1 – smudge texture. Apparently, you can recognize an iPhony created by a certain talented artist through tracking such little details as smear patterns. Sounds like genuine CSI business, so let’s not get further into details. Bottom line, there’s a good chance these images originated from Martin Hajek and his rich imagination.


Exhibit #2 – fishy fonts. If you thought the smudge proof was thin, wait until you hear this theory. Or better yet, read it in full here as it needs quite a lot of explaining. Essentially, the iPhone logo is outdated. Again, thin, but it makes sense when you think about it.


Final exhibit – other smears, stains and patterns, this time inexplicably found both on the front and rear of the claimed iPhone 6 in the same exact layout. No way could it have happened unless someone tampered with the “photos”.