OnePlus fans are confused. The latest rumors suggest there will be no OnePlus 4 and that the OnePlus 5 will arrive instead. And the reason for that is likely due to a cultural peculiarity.

OnePlus 5 instead of the OnePlus 4

Why would OnePlus want to skip the number four in naming its 2017 flagship? Well, because it’s a Chinese company and in the Chinese language, the pronunciation of the number four is very close to the word for ‘death,’ so much so that the number four is almost equated with death.

In fact, the number four in Chinese culture is like the number 13 in Western countries. Many high-rise buildings and hotels in China do not have a 4th or 14th floor, and rooms with a 4 are often also omitted.

Ceramic housing?

According to the latest rumors, the OnePlus 5 will have a ceramic or glass chassis. The ceramic option makes some sense, as OnePlus already has some experience thanks to the limited edition version of the OnePlus X. If it follows the same approach, it’s more likely that the OnePlus 5 will only have a back plate made of ceramics, as was the case with the OnePlus X.

There are also suggestions that the OnePlus 5 will take a little inspiration from Samsung’s S7 Edge design, and feature dual curved edges.

Other technical specifications

A Snapdragon 835 processor by Qualcomm is possible, as is 6 GB of RAM. OnePlus will certainly make the jump to WQHD (2,560 x 1,440 pixels) for the display in 2017, so that it does not fall behind the competing Android smartphones from Samsung, LG, and others.

However, other rumors suggest that it could feature a Snapdragon 821 or 830 chipset instead, and on board memory will be set at either 64GB or 128GB, depending on the model configuration. It’s also said to include a USB Type-C connector and large 4,000mAh battery pack.

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