Are you having the iPhone battery drain issues right now? No matter which iOS device you have, it is not fun if you have to charge your battery every single hour because your iPad or iPhone battery drain fast. You might need to search the power source everywhere you go in order to recharge your iPhone. There are many factors causing this problem. The iPhone battery drain can be related to Software issues and the apps that run on your device. The anomaly of the battery itself or the fact the battery lifespan has reached its limit can be other factors. Every battery has the lifespan. When it expires, you need to replace it with the new one. There are many things you can do to fix battery drain issues on iOS devices. Follow our guide and try the solutions we have listed – the battery on your iPhone or iPad will last longer between charges.

Turn Off the Bluetooth
Try to disconnect pairing accessories, such as third party speakers, Apple Watch, etc. Since these accessories use Bluetooth technology to pair with the iPhone, you can just turn off Bluetooth feature. Open the control center by swiping up from the bottom of any screen and tap the Bluetooth icon next to WiFi icon and turn the feature off.
Using this method, all you need to do is to manage how to use Bluetooth feature wisely – don’t forget to turn it off when you are not using it. Or, try to find the similar accessories that more power-saving.

Disable Location Services and Background App Refresh features
Certain apps such as Facebook foremost, WhatsApp, Skype, email, just to name a few, are using Location services to find your location. This service uses GPS, Bluetooth or WiFi, which need more power. Moreover, the other feature that is often used by these messaging and social media apps is Background App Refresh. This feature allows the apps to refresh their contents in the background. It needs the Internet connection as well and can drain the battery. We are going to check how the battery will act after we disable both features.
How to disable Location Services feature:
1. Head to Settings >> Privacy >> tap Location Services
2. On the Location Services screen, tap the green button next to “Location Services” to disable it.

How to disable Background App Refresh feature
1. Go to Setting >> General >> find and tap Background App Refresh
2. Tap the green button next to Background App Refresh.

Update the apps on your iPhone/iPad
Sometimes, the battery problems aren’t caused by the battery itself. In some cases, the outdated app can create the issue. So, before you decide to replace the battery of your iPhone, try to update all the apps on your iPhone. The update always contains the bug fixes which can be the reason why your iPhone battery draining fast.

Ask for the battery replacement program
Apple has confirmed that some of their iPhone 5 batteries have the anomaly. For example, iPhone 5 battery draining fast and needs to be recharge so often. This replacement program comes to show their responsibility and commitment to their users. If you are facing iPhone 5 battery problems you may be eligible for this program. Apple will replace your iPhone 5 battery for free.

Tips and trick to extend iPhone/iPad battery life
1.Turn off the Automatically Update.
Go to Settings >> iTunes & App Store
In the Automatic Downloads section, find Updates
If you see the button next to Update is green, tap to turn it Off.

2. Reduce Screen Brightness
Open Settings >> Display & Brightness
Reduce the brightness by moving the slider to the level as low as you can still feel comfortable.

3. Turn off Take App Suggestions
Head to Settings >> General >> Handoff & Suggested Apps
Slide the My Apps and App Store button to turn it off.

4. Stop Motion & Animations
Settings >> General >> Accessibility >> Reduce Motion
Tap the button to green/On

5. Remove usefulness data from your iPhone and restore it after using for a time. We recommend to use Syncios Manager to help to do it.

6. Turn Off WiFi when you are not using it.

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