Apple’s iPhone 6 will be a awesome smartphone! All who wait iPhone 6 jailbreak know that iPhone 6 is something new from Apple but it will revolutionary as expected and similar expectations are now set to the upcoming iPhone 6 that might appear in couple of months in the market. 4.7-inch display, 128GB storage and more.

iPhone 6 Jailbreak running on iOS 85.5-inch iPhone 7 release date – January, 2015. And no doubt this is going to delay the release date of our beast i.e. 5.5-inch iPhone 7. Now there seems no possibility that 5.5-inch iPhone 7 would appear even in the end of 2014. All possibilities hint towards the 2015.

Jailbreak fans have one big question. When iPhone 6 jailbreak?
However, if you are expecting iPhone 6 jailbreak running on iOS 8 just after the release of iPhone 6 then you won’t be wrong. Now you can set your expectations for the release month of iPhone 6 jailbreak to be either November 2015.