It’s been a little while since I pulled together a list of newest released Winterboard themes. Though the cycle has certainly slowed down some now that the evasi0n iOS 7 jailbreak has been out a few months, still, new winterboard themes are arriving on Cydia and other private repos each week. In this article I’ve pulled together 10 new or updated Winterboard themes for iPhone and iPad users running an iOS 7x jailbreak. Check them out below and if there’s one that strikes your fancy, please support the creator by purchasing it through Cydia or the other accepted payment method. Happy Jailbreaking!

New iOS 7 Winterboard Jailbreak Themes For iPhone and iPad

Aromy by @TheTimeLoop

iOS 7 Winterboard Theme Aromy by @TheTimeLoop

Probably my favorite new theme to release this month is Aromy – and I can’t believe I only ran across it today. This theme has over 150 icons and a lovely color scheme. Check out this new iOS 7 winterboard theme release on the MacCiti repo in the Cydia jailbreak app store for just $2.00


Claymation iOS 7 Jailbreak Winterboard Theme

This is a simple but colorful new iOS 7 winterboard theme released on Cydia this week that is free for the taking – though for sure donations are always welcome. Available for iPhones running iOS 7, if you like Claymation grab it today in the BigBoss repo.

WhiteOS7 by @blu3designs

iOS 7 Jailbreak Winterboard Theme: WhiteOS7

Another freebie, this theme by @blu3designs is not a huge change from but it does brighten up a screen significantly and looks really nice against a muted, light colored wallpaper. Find this iOS 7 winterboard jailbreak theme. On the Modmyi repo now.

Primus HD 

iOS 7 Jailbreak Winterboard Theme: Primus HD

So this theme is a little different than the run of the mill thing we’ve seen for iOS 7. This new winterboard theme turns your icons into rectangles and adds depth and details. A nice take on iOS 7, this theme is live on the Cydia jailbreak store in the MacCiti repo for $1.99. Check it out now.

iQuartz iOS 7 by ChrisGraphiX

iOS 7 Jailbreak Winterboard Theme For iPhone: iQuartZ

This is an updated winterboard theme by ChrisGraphiX made for iOS 7 jailbroken devices like the iPhone 5 and 4S. Some of the features of this theme include:

  •  Widget Weather-Clock
  •  Lockscreen
  •  Sbsettings
  •  UISounds and more.

The theme requires the following components for optimal performance:

* Gridlock2 for placing icons.
* Lockscreen Clock Hide and Lockscreen DimDelay.
* Sbsettings

iQuartz iOS 7 is available now for $2.50 in the Modmyi repo on Cydia’s jailbreak app store now.

c0ncept by @Dark2Naruto78

iOS 7 Jailbreak Winterboard Theme: c0ncept

This new winterboard theme released by @Dark2Naruto78 in February is available for iPhone 4, 4S, iPhone 5 and 5S. The theme includes 60 icons, aIconomatic mask, folders for FolderIcon, layout for Iconoclasm, some wallpapers and a variety of colors including blue magenta, green, and red.

iSkeuos  by @iSkeuos

iOS 7 Jailbreak Winterboard Theme: iSkeuos

iSkeuos is a colorful new iOS 7 winterboard theme by @iSkeuos for iPhone and iPad and includes over 150 icons and multiple wallpapers to accompany. The theme is live now on Cydia for $2.50 in the Modmyi repo.


iOS 7 Winterboard Jailbreak Theme: Myrea

Myrea comes with more 120 plus icons and a layer mask for others. This iOS 7 winterboard theme is live on Cydia in the ModMyi repo for 1.99

Simplex by @st3phen_j

iOS 7 Jailbreak Theme: Simplex

This winterboard theme is not found on Cydia, but if you send $3.00 via Paypal you can receive it.

Neurotech7 by @NeurotechHD 

iOS 7 Cydia Winterboard Jailbreak Themes: Neurotech7

An updated Cydia winterboard theme by @NeurotechHD , it is compatible with iPhone 5, 5C, 5S and iPod Touch 5 running iOS 7. The theme is $2.00 in the ModMyi repo on Cydia. definitively check it out.