WeChat, developed by the one of biggest Chinese tech company Tencent, is now a popular messaging app worldwide, and support almost all kinds of phone operating systems, including Android, iOS, Windows phone, blackberry phone, etc. It’s also available on Web, Windows and Mac, although there may be a little differences of function. So far, Tencent company claims that WeChat has more than 800 million users across the world, and now it’s not only a simple messaging app, it supports multiple people voice and video call simultaneously, transferring money each other, paying, public services, etc, which make this app truly a trick.
If you are using WeChat, you may have faced a problem. That is, when you switched to a new phone, the WeChat app only supports login on one device only on same time. What’s worse, WeChat only supports save chat history and data on devices, which means when you switched to a new phone, you will lose all your chat history as well as some other data. No worry, WeChat now offers built-in Chat Log Migration tool to help you move chat history from one phone to another. This article will show you how to make it and other more options.

1. Move WeChat chat history via built-in Chat Log Migration tool.

Get ready: Both of your phones, WiFi.

    1. Firstly, connect both of your phones to the same WiFi. Login your WeChat account on the source phone, tap “Me”>>”Settings”>>”General”>>”Chat Log Migration”, select the conversations you’d like to transfer, a QR code would be generated after you finished the steps.

transfer wechat log

  1. Then login in your WeChat account on the target phone, scan the QR generated before, the chat log will be transferred to the new phone.

transfer complete

2. Backup and restore Wechat History with Wechat for PC.

Also, you can backup and restore the Wechat chat history via the latest version of WeChat for PC, the steps are very simple. Just try it.

    1. Download and install the latest version of Wechat for PC on your computer, then launch it.
    2. Use Wechat app to sacn the QR code to login your account on computer.
    3. Click on “More” button on the left bottom of the panel, press “Backup and Restore”, then select “Back up on PC” mode.

wechat for pc

    1. On your old phone screen, tap “Backup All” or “Select Chat History”, then back to Wechat for PC to start backing up your chat history.

select chat history
start backing up:
start backup chat history

    1. Then login your Wechat account on your new phone, and select “Restore on phone” mode on Wechat for PC, similarly, you need to confirm restoring process on your new phone, then all Wechat history would be restored to your new phone.

restore wechat history

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