It is very common that we use our phone to take pictures. I believe that many people have stored a lot of photos on the phone to record the beautiful moments in the life. But if you swtch the phone, how about the photos? You used an Android smart phone and had a lot of photos there, now, you purchase an iPhone, say, the latest iPhone 5C or iPhone 5S, and would like to view the photos on Android phone on the new iPhone. Is it possible? The answer is absolutely YES. This article will show you the method to transfer Android photos to iPhone for free: first backup all desired photos from the Android device to a computer, then import them into the iPhone via iTunes or Syncios on the PC.

1. Backup Photos From Android Smart Phone to Computer First

Android phones include digital cameras that allow you to save pictures to the internal microSD memory card, just like a single-purpose digital camera. To save the photos, you’ll need free space on the card, and to transfer them, you can use the USB cable included with your phone.

Step 1: Connect the Android phone to a computer via USB cable. Press the “Power” button on the phone, then unlock the screen.

Step 2: Slide the notification bar down. Tap “USB Connected.” Tap “Mount.”

Step 3: Switch to the computer. Click “Start,” then click “Computer” or “My Computer.”

Step 4: Double-click the new removable drive. Double-click “DCIM,” then “Camera.” Note that different Android phones use different folder names.

Step 5: Press “Ctrl” and “A” on the keyboard. Click and drag the photos to your computer desktop or “Pictures” folder.

Note: Different Android phones may use slightly different terminology for USB mass storage or photo folders.

2. Transfer Photos from Computer to iPhone

Now, you have two ways to transfer the photos on the computer to you new iPhone. One is with iTunes, the other is with Syncios. Both of the programs are free to use. But we strongly recommend you the Syncios iPhone Transfer for its excellent ability to transfer files between computer and Apple device with extremely simple operation.

Step 1: Download and install Syncios iPhone Transfer on your computer.

* Make sure that iTunes is installed on your PC, if not, please install it first. You do not have to run iTunes when using free Syncios iPhone Transfer.

Step 2: Run Syncios iPhone Transfer and Connect your iPhone to computer via Cable

Step 3: Click Photos on the left panel, then go to the main panel of the program, where you will find these options:Import Photo,Export PhotoRemove PhotoAlbum List. Click Import Photo, you can add the photos that are backed up on PC to your iPhone.

Syncios iPhone Photos

In conclusion, tt is easy to transfer your photos from Android phone to your new iPhone. By using Syncios, you can move pictures from computer to iPhone/iPad/iPod freely and easily.

What Else Can Syncios iPhone Transfer Do For You:

• Create, delete and edit photo albums;
• Import & export Video/Photo/Music/Ebook freely;
• Sync contents from iPhone to PC & iTunes;
• Backup Contacts, Notes, Messages, Voice Memos, etc.
• Manage Apps between PC and iPhone/iPod/iPad;
• Make iPhone ringtones & convert audio/video files;
• Transfer & backup iPad/iPod/iPhone System Files