Samsung Galaxy S8 is coming, have you been thinking about switching from your iPhone to it? It rumored that Samsung Galaxy S8 could have a 3-month refund policy, which may resulted from last year Note 7’s explosion scandal that hurts many Samsung fans. So if you wanna switch your iPhone to the galaxy S8, make sure your data comes with you.
Before you get started switching, you’ll need to sign up for a Google account if you aren’t already using Gmail. You can sign up for a Google account here, which you’ll then need when setting up the Galaxy S8. With a Gmail address in tow, it’s time to getting started with moving over the data you have stored on your iPhone.

Mail, Contacts and Calendar

If you are already using a Gmail account for your Contacts, Calendar and Mail on iOS, then you’re all set; just sign into the Galaxy S8 with the same account you use on your iPhone and make sure sync is enabled for Mail, Contacts and Calendar. Go to Settings > Mail > Accounts and tap your Gmail account and then toggle on Mail, Contacts and Calendar.

If you are all-in on iOS and are using an iCloud account, you can still transfer your contacts and calendars but you are going to need the help of an app. On the Galaxy S8, install SmoothSync for Cloud Calendar to grab your calendar appointments and reminders and SmoothSync for Cloud Contacts for your contacts. These two apps will add your iCloud account to the Galaxy S8, letting you continue to use your Mac or iPad and keeping your calendar and contacts in sync.

Text messages

If you need to take your texts with you, give free app iSMS2droid a try. I haven’t used it, but the app gets positive marks online, has a good rating in the Google Play store, and has been updated somewhat recently. It requires you to make an unencrypted backup of your iPhone to iTunes, locate and copy the backup SMS database file and then import it from the Galaxy S8. Take a look at the developer’s step-by-step instructions.


If you are streaming with Apple Music, Pandora or Spotify, then you’ve got no worries. Just download the apps (yes, there’s an Android version of Apple Music) on the Galaxy S8, log into your account, and your playlists and preferences will be there waiting for you.

If you have amassed an iTunes music library that’s too large and valuable to give up for a streaming music service, then you will need to head to Google Play Music on Chrome or download Google’s Music Manager app on the Mac or PC that has your iTunes library and point it at your music collection. Google lets you store up to 50,000 songs for free in the cloud, which you can then stream on the Galaxy S8.

Photos and videos

The easiest way to get the photos and videos from your iPhone to your Android device is to install Google Photos on your iPhone and upload the files. (You can also use Google Drive to perform a backup of your photos by going to Settings > Backup.) Then you can just log into Google Photos on the Galaxy S8 and either view them from their spot in the cloud or download them. You can perform a similar maneuver with cross-platform cloud apps such as Dropbox and Flickr.

If you have a large photo library on iCloud, you use the Photos app on a Mac or on a PC to download photos to your computer to transfer via USB to your Galaxy S8.

Ultimate guide

Actually, there is a handy data transfer tool based on Windows or Mac OS, which supports one-click switching all your data from iPhone to Samsung. What’s more, the tool also allow you to download data from iCloud and iTunes backup or iTunes library to your Samsung. With this tool, you can transfer all your data from iPhone to Samsung with ease. Simply check details on this post.

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