Apple touts how easy it is to make Siri carry out simple, helpful commands, but security experts have been saying for years that the digital assistant makes it too easy for anyone to skim your personal information from your iPhone and access apps and services. Unless you make Siri inaccessible from the lockscreen, anyone who has hold of your device for as little as 30 seconds can make Siri post to your Facebook account, display all of your contact information and edit your upcoming appointments.

siri lockscreen

As we’ve previously reported, Siri has had flaws that let it share the photos on locked devices and unlock your iPhone without its password. Some of those problems have been fixed, but you want to make sure Siri can’t share your private information with anyone who can activate the digital assistant. Here’s how to make Siri accessible only when your iPhone or iPad is unlocked.

How to Put Siri Behind the iOS Lockscreen

1. Open the Settings App.

2. Select Touch ID & Passcode.

3. Enter your passcode.

4. Scroll down to Allow Access When Locked, and turn off the Siri setting.

turn off the Siri setting

Now everyone will need your passcode to access Siri on your iPhone.

setting siri

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