Issue : How to send and receive text messages from an iPad. How to use the text message forwarding feature available on the iPhone. How to send messages from an iPad using the number of an iPhone.  How to send messages from the iPad. How to receive all messages on the iPad.

How-tos: If you own both an iPhone and an iPad, then you can send and receive messages on your iPad using your iPhone’s phone number with the new “Text Message Forwarding” feature available on the iPhone. Here is how you do it:

1. Make sure both your iPhone and iPad are turned on and connected to the same WiFi connection

2. On your iPhone, go to Settings > Messages and you should see “Text Message Forwarding

iphone text messages forwarding3. Once you select Text Message Forwarding, you will then see the available Apple devices.
Switch ON the toggle beside the iPad

receive messages on ipad

4. You will then be prompted to enter a code. If you grab your iPad now, there should be a popup window with the code you must enter into your iPhone

enter code

Once the you enter the code into your iPhone, you will able to send and receive text messages from your iPad!

Alternative:  use the third-party tool

Alternatively, you can also see and keep your iPhone text messages, MMS, SMS, iMessages on iPad (including iPad mini, iPad Pro) using Free Syncios iOS Manager program. It can backup and restore  your messages on iPhone,  iPad and iPod Touch selectively or in batches on few clicks .

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