The iOS Mail app allows users to save various types of attachments directly to the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. This is a great feature that is available in the latest versions of iOS, and for most file attachment, you’ll be able to save whatever the file is directly to iCloud Drive in iOS.

Be sure you have iCloud Drive enabled and visible on the Home Screen icon of iOS if you want to save email attachments there, obviously if the feature is not enabled you would not be able to save anything there, and without iCloud you wouldn’t have access to the saved files and documents anyway.

How to Save eMail Attachments from Mail to iCloud Drive in iOS

This approach will save any email attachment from Mail in iOS directly to iCloud Drive, where it will be accessible from iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch in the associated app, or with an app that can open files from iCloud:
1. Open Mail app and then open an email with any type of attachment (zip file, doc file, Pages file, Numbers file, txt, rtf, etc)

iPhone email
2. Tap and hold on the attachment icon that appears in the email body, it’s typically the name of the attachment file and shows a small icon of the attachments file type*.

Save eMail Attachments on iPhone & iPad Mail to iCloud Drive
3. Choose “Save Attachment” with the iCloud icon, this saves the email attachment to iCloud.

“Save Attachment” with the iCloud
4. Choose the iCloud Drive folder destination to save the email attachment to.

save iPhone email attachment to iCloud

Now the file has been saved from the email directly to iCloud Drive.

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