Many users have wondered whether Apple Music will allow for song downloads for offline listening, and the answer to that question is yes. Apple did not give details on offline listening during its keynote event or press release, but according to an Apple representative that spoke to Re/code, content from Apple Music can be added to a playlist for offline listening.

— “As an Apple Music member you can add anything from the Apple Music library — a song, an album or a video — to your collection,” Apple said in a statement to Re/code. “And that’s just the warm-up act. From there you can create the perfect playlist from anything you’ve added. You can save it for offline listening and take it on the road.”

But remember: You won’t own those files and you won’t be able to offload them anywhere else. You can’t burn them onto a disc, use them in separate video projects, or put them on other devices that aren’t linked to your Apple Music account. If you decide to cancel your Apple Music subscription, you’ll lose access to those songs. However, the offline listening feature is a great option if you’re concerned about data overages, or if you know you’ll be in an area without a good wireless connection.

How  to : To save items for offline listening, head on over to the My Music tab and tap the “More” button next to the artist, song, album, or playlist you want to save. Then select “Make songs available offline,” and the songs will start downloading. If you want to only view your offline music, head on over to your Library in the My Music tab, then tap the drop-down arrow next to Artists. Toggle the switch next to “Show music available offline.”

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How can I delete those music to clear up iPhone/iPad space?

The process is similar to adding music: Tap the “More” button next to the artist, song, album, or playlist you want to ditch. Tap “Make songs available offline” to release them back into iCloud. (Hint: It helps to toggle on the “Show music available offline” switch.)

How can I transfer music from iPhone/iPad to computer or Mac?

Since the iTunes won’t backup music on iPhone, iPad and iPod, we should turn to the third-party app (iTunes alternative), like – Syncios iOS Tranfer. It enables to to backup songs and videos from iDevice to computer faster without any quality loss. Besides, with Syncios, you can manage your music playlist, deleted iPhone/iPad/iPod music on computer selectively or in batches, import music and film from pc to iPhone/iPad as well.

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Manage iPhone Music

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