If you updated your Mac to OS X El Capitan, but aren’t too fond of the new version and would rather downgrade to OS X Yosemite, following post will demonstrate you how to move back to Mac OS X Yosemite from El Capitan.

If you made a bootable OS X Yosemite install drive before you went on the El Capitan beta, then simply plug it in, reboot, hold down the Option key, and you’ll be on your way.

If not, you’ll need to erase OS X El Capitan first, and then re-install.

How to Erase OS X El Capitan

  1. Make sure your Mac is connected to the internet over W-Fi or Ethernet.
  2. Go to the menu and select Restart….
  3. Hold down Command+R while your Mac reboots.
  4. Click on Disk Utility in the OS X Utilities selector.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Select your Startup Disk.
  7. Click on the Erase tap.
  8. Type in Macintosh HD for the name (or whatever you like.)
  9. Select Mac OS Extended (Journaled)* from the **Format list, if it isn’t selected already.
  10. Click Erase.

Next, you should create OS X Yosemite install drive now. Let’s take a look how it works.

How to create a Yosemite install drive

Step 1. Download the Yosemite installer from the App Store.

Step 2. Click Download button.

Once the installer downloaded,  it will launch automatically.

 At this point,  you need create a bootable installer on a separate hard drive. You’ll need at least 8GB of storage available on an external drive, that is formatted with a GUID Partition Table, on which to put the installer and make a bootable OS X Yosemite install drive. Using a bootable installer drive is necessary because you need to erase the drive on your Mac (including all traces of El Capitan) before installing Yosemite. This way you can do a clean install of the OS and restore any data you have in your backup.

How to install Yosemite from a Bootable Installer

Once your Mac has been erased,  you can install the Yosemite from your Bootable Installer now.

1) Quit Disk Utility.

2) Select Install OS X, click Continue, and follow the installation process.

3) If you have made that back up before you installed El Capitan, you can connect to your Time Machine drive and to restore all your files from the back up.

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