You may have hundreds or even thousands of pictures on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, including pictures with family and friends, pictures from  journey or vacation, and so on. Are you going to print those pictures from your iOS devices? This article shows you how to automatically print the photos you want with just a couple taps. Read on to find out how to print using your particular software and printer.

Method 1 :How to print photos with AirPrint for iPhone and iPad

The Photos app on your iPhone lets you to do almost anything with the pictures you have stored, including printing them with the built-in AirPrint service to any compatible printer on the same Wi-Fi network. Major printer brands like Brother, Canon, Dell, HP, Lexmark, and Samsung have made AirPrint compatible printers in recent years.

Step 1: Launch the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2:  Tap on the photo you’d like to print.

photo apps

Step 3:  Tap on the Share button in the lower left hand corner.

Step 4:  In the last bar of icons, scroll left to reveal more options. Then, select Print — it’s all the way at the end.  Determine whether you need to change settings on your printer to enable it to use AirPrint. Make sure the printer is on the same wireless network as your iPhone.

Step 5:  Tap on Printer and choose your AirPrint compatible printer.

airprint iphone

Step 6: Enter the number of pages to print, the number of copies you want, and change any other settings you’d like to change before printing.

Step 7: Tap on Print. After the process is finished, Click Done in the upper left hand corner to continue using your iPhone or iPad.

Method 2: Print Pictures from iPhone via iPhone to PC Transfer Tool.

You don’t have Air-printer ? Still, you can do this. Here we provide you an alternative solution to print pictures from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. If you are thinking about buying your own Air-printer, give it some thought first. The cost of a printer, photo paper, and ink can be significant. So, the following method could be far more cost-effective.

Step 1: Print using Syncios iPhone to PC Transfer

Downlaod and install this iOS to PC transfer tool to copy pictures from iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to computer or Mac selectively or in batches. The software would allow you to preview and select pictures, contacts, messages, etc that you want to copy to PC, and transfer all of the data without any quality loss. Just simply download according to your operating system.

Download Download Syncios for mac

Step 2: Transfer photos from iPhone to computer (or Mac)

Sync iPhone photo to PC

Select My devices on the top menu bar,then click Photos on the left panel. You will be able to select album to preview and print via the Album List on the right. After selecting photos, tap on Export to copy photos to PC.

Step 3: Print iPhone Pictures via computer

print photos

After the transferring process was done, right-click any of the selected photos and choose Print from the pop-up menu. You are going to see a new windows, from which you are allowed to choose your printer, paper size, quality, paper type, photo layout, and the number of times to print each picture . The last step is to click Print.

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