Many users have always met some difficulties in opening software on macOS. However, one of the most important new security features of the latest macOS Catalina is that it becomes much more difficult to run software from the internet than before. That’s to say, when you install MAC applications, plug-ins, and installer software from other ways (except for App Store), macOS will check the developer ID signature and notarization status to verify that the software is from a recognized developer and has not been changed.

Therefore, if you try to install an App from other ways, but you have set your Mac to allow Apps only from App Store, you will see the warning message below:

cannot open apps downloaded from other ways

Also, if you try to install an app that isn’t signed by an identified developer, you will see another warning message that the app cannot be opened:

cannot open app isn’t signed by an identified developer

If you encounter these problems when installing certain App, here is the solution for your reference:

① Find and go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy, and tap the General tab. Click the lock icon in the lower left corner of the screen and then enter your password to unlock Security & Privacy.
② Find and choose “App Store and identified developer” under “Allow apps downloaded from:” option.

Security and Privacy window

③ Run Syncios now, you will see a warning message that says “Example-App can’t be opened…”, just click “OK” option.
④ Go back to Security & Privacy. You will see there is a new message at the bottom, saying “Example-App was blocked from use because…” Now, click “Open Anyway” option to confirm your intent to open or install the app.
⑤ The warning message reappears, and you can see “Open” option this time. Click it and then please do remember to click the unlocked lock to keep the change.

click open option on the warning message

This app won’t be detected as malware again and you can open it on your Mac just as the authorized app.

What’s more, some people will receive the message below, and you can simply solve it by two steps:

cannot check it for malware

1. When you start to run Syncios, just click the “Show in Finder” button, then right-click (or hold control while you click) the procedure and choose “Open” option.
2. Now when the warning box comes back up you’ll have an option to “Open” and then the App will run just as the authorized app.

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