In one way or another, we all have experienced being blocked in just about any instant messaging apps or social media services available. There are quite a varied number of reasons why we would end up in some person’s “black list.” It is either you have said something that is somehow treated to be offensive, or perhaps the blacklister just find your very existence annoying or something that they could live without. Those are just some of the reasons why would you receive the “block” hammer. Despite of the reasons, it is never a good feeling. What if someone has chosen to block you from the ever-popular SMS app, WhatsApp? In today’s tutorial, we will be teaching you How to Know If Someone Blocked You on WhatsApp.

How to Know If Someone Blocked You on WhatsApp?

Well, not many people know this but there is actually an FAQ with regards to the matter of whether someone has blocked you on WhatsApp. But since we are always inclined to be nice, we will bring it to your attention for your convenience. There are actually two strong indicators that will enable you to know if someone from your contact list has blocked you on WhatsApp.

  • First factor is that you will not be able to see the blacklister’s  “last seen at..” login information or their “online” indicator in the Chat window. However, this is not actually a foolproof indicator since based on our previous WhatsApp tip, you can easily toggle your “last seen at..” information and set it to OFF.
  • WhatsApp Chat Settings
  • The second factor, when you send a message to any contact that has blocked you, it will always show one check (indicating that the message has been sent) but the second check mark (indicating that the message has been delivered) will never be displayed. Two check marks mean that the message has been sent and delivered successfully. If you have sent a message and it only shows one check, there is a good chance that you have been blocked. Refer to the image below on how these check marks look.

whatsapp messages

While both of these factors suggests that you have been blocked, they are not 100% guaranteed to be foolproof. The developers of WhatsApp has intentionally made this matter to be ambiguous in order to protect the privacy of anyone who chooses to block someone. Any indicator that will outright tell if a person has blocked you will violate that person’s privacy.

So in case you find out that you’ve been blocked, the golden question is: how do you get unblocked? Well, there is no one in this world that can lift your blacklist status but the person himself / herself. However, I’m sure that you ask nicely, if you could work things out.

Have you experienced being blocked on WhatsApp or any messaging app?

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