There are times when you don’t want your smartphone’s screen to automatically dim after a few seconds—working from a recipe, showing off photos, studying your social media strategy.

Follow the steps listed below to easily change the length of time it takes for your screen to “timeout”:

Step 1) Go to Settings

Step 2) Go to Display

Step 3) Look for a “Screen timeout” or “Sleep” setting (it changes between devices)

Step 4) Choose the length of time you want your screen to stay on before it goes to sleep. Your screen will stay fully lit for this period of time before dimming and then turning off.

How to Keep your Android’s Screen On for Longer



Daydream not good enough for you? Android gives you the option prevent your phone or tablet from sleeping while it’s charging.

Follow these steps to always leave your screen on while charging:

Step 1) Unlock developer options on your device (go to Settings and tap “About Device” or “About” 7 times in a row)

Step 2) In Developer Options, you’ll see an option that says “Stay awake” and explains that the “Screen will never sleep/timeout while charging.” Check the box beside that option.

Step 3) Now, when your phone’s on the charger, the  screen will constantly stay activated. You can turn off the display at any time by pressing the Power button on your device (just like you would normally turn off the screen).


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