On this page you will find info about how to install iOS on Android. After you downloaded the iOS on Android software, you have to connect your Android smartphone or tablet to your computer and run the program. It will install iOS on your Android device without rooting it. Also a backup will be made in case you wish to uninstall iOS from your Android phone or tablet. The instructions on how to install iOS on Android are below.
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How to install iOS on Android

Once you downloaded the iOS on Android software to your PC or Mac, extract the executable files or the application bundle if you’re on a Mac. Place it in a folder you can find back later. Now follow these steps.

Step 1. Open the iOS on Android installation files on your desktop or laptop.

Step 2. Select the folder to install iOS on Android. Usually program files for Windows and Applications for Mac.

Step 3. Run the installer and open iOS on Android.

Step 4. Connect your phone or tablet to your computer using a USB-cable. Even though all compatible cables will work, we recommend using the original cable.

Step 5. iOS on Android will recognize your device. Verify if the model of your phone or tablet is displayed in the program. If not, try to update to the newest version of the software. You can find a Check for updates… option under the Settings tab. New phones are released almost every week so be sure to update the software.

Step 6. Check the options you want. Though it’s optional, we highly recommend that you make a backup of your phone in the current state. None of your photos, videos or other files will be deleted while installing iOS on Android but it’s better to have a backup. You can also choose between iOS 7 and 8. The newest version of iOS will be installed by default.

Step 7. Click Install and wait for the program to install iOS on your Android device.

Step 8. Once the installer is done, your device will restart and you are done!

That is how to install iOS on Android devices. You can now use all the functions and features of iOS on your Android phone or tablet.

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