Apple claims that the reliability of Face ID would improve over time when release the iPhone X. And it reported that some users said that it did happen while others said there’s no obvious improvements. Whether you have noticed the reliability change of your Face ID, this article gives you some useful tips to help you improve the reliability of Face ID on your iPhone X.

1. Re-register your face
The first thing is to re-register your face. If you sometimes wear glasses, sometimes not, there are anecdotal reports that it’s best to scan your face while wearing glasses. And you can also do the initial scans in the dark. As it’s infrared, we don’t know light or dark would make any difference, but since it scans perfectly in the dark there’s certainly no harm in trying it.

2. Switch off Requires Attention
One of the security features Face ID offers by default is that you need to be looking at the phone. This is to prevent someone using your face to unlock your phone while you’re asleep or distracted.

However, it does increase the chances of failure, as the iPhone needs to be able to clearly see your eyes – which can sometimes be an issue for those who wear glasses or sunglasses.

For many of us, there is no real prospect of anyone unlocking our phone while we’re sleeping, so toggling off this feature may be worthwhile. You can do this in Settings > Face ID & Passcode > Require Attention for Face ID.

3. Move your phone while unlocking
As Face ID uses 3D data, moving your phone during the scan is likely to help.

4. Experiment with distance
The Face ID recognition can fail if the phone is held too far away, but it seems more likely to fail if you hold it too close.