Jailbreaking is basically the process of freeing your device from the limitations that are imposed by Apple. Since Apple iOS is one of the most stable and secure operating systems around, it becomes too restrictive due to Apple’s “closed” mantra. You are empowered to access to read, write and even change some default setting on the iOS operating system by jailbreaking your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. (How to jailbreak iphone ?)

However, Apple can deny warranty service coverage or any iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch that has an active jailbreak. In other words, Apple can deny you with any service repairs in case your device is damaged or malfunctions after jailbreaking.  (See Also: Advantages and risks of jailbreaking iPhone)

So what am I to do? Hide it. This will work almost everytime, I’ve gone into the Apple Store with a jailbroken phone for service four times already and they have not noticed yet.

jailbreak iphone

How to hide your jailbreak from the Apple Store

1. Install poof from Cydia. This will hide all your jailbreak apps. Hide everything including poof.
2. Uninstall PreferenceLoader. This will take away your jailbreak settings.
3. If openSSH is installed, uninstall it. (to be safe)
4. Change your root password back to “alpine” (to be safe)
5. Do not go into safe mode. There is a popup that will give it away, and a thing on the status bar that says “Exit safe mode”.
6. If you are still on a jailbroken iOS 7 with Pangu, delete “panguaxe.installed” (pretty sure that’s what it is called) at /var/mobile/Library (again, I’m pretty sure it’s there) This file is for the Pangu jailbreak app to check if you are jailbroken or not when you plug in your device to your computer. It is completely safe to delete it.

When you are done, you can go into safe mode. libhide and all other MS extensions will be disabled. This means that Poof will be visible once again. Now you can set all your jailbreak apps to visible again, and install everything again.

The Geniuses are pretty easily tricked so give this a shot.

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