If you have notifications enabled, apps normally display your messages right on your lock screen. But you can hide the text of those messages without disabling the lock screen notifications entirely, allowing you to see you have a message while preventing people from reading those messages over your shoulder.

Android lets you mark some app notifications as “sensitive” so they won’t appear on your lock screen, and this iOS feature works similarly. It’s useful for both security and privacy. For example, this will prevent Messages from displaying account access codes sent via SMS on your lock screen, so an attacker who stole your phone wouldn’t be able to see them without unlocking it.

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How to Hide Notification Previews for Messages and Mail

The messages that appear in notifications are known as “previews” or “message previews.” Apple allows you to disable these previews for Messages or Mail right from the Notifications settings screen.

To do this, open the Settings app on your iPhone, tap “Notifications,” and then tap the “Messages” or “Mail” apps in the list. Scroll down and deactivate the “Show Previews” slider. After you do, Messages or Mail won’t show previews of incoming SMS messages or emails on your lock screen.

ios notification

How to Hide Notifications From the Lock Screen Entirely

If an application doesn’t allow you to disable notification previews–or if you’d rather hide the entire application from your lock screen so no one even knows you’re receiving notifications from a specific app–you can remove the lock screen notifications entirely. You’ll still be able to see the app’s notifications elsewhere on your iPhone or iPad–just not on the lock screen.

To do this, open the Settings app, tap “Notifications,” and then tap the app you want to hide from your lock screen. Disable the “Show on Lock Screen” slider here and the app’s notifications won’t appear on your lock screen.

iphone notification

You can use the other options here to configure exactly where an app’s notifications appear–in the notification center, in pop-up banners, or as a badge on the app’s icon. You can also disable notifications entirely for an app from here and they won’t even appear when your phone is unlocked.

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