Apple claims that the iPhone is the world’s most powerful personal device. To some extent, it’s true, since iPhone is really fast and powerful. However, sometimes you may encountered some issues with your iPhone. For example, it won’t charge properly, which could be really annoying. And this article will give you some useful options to help you fix a iPhone/iPad that won’t charge properly.

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1. Clean Your Lightning Port

Apple’s lightning Port design is cool, we can easily plug the cable in and it’s difficult to damage the port itself. However, after plugging and unplugging thousands of times and the electrostatic adsorption resulted in much crud built up on the port, which is  blamed for the iPhone won’t charge issue. To clean up the port, you can buy a specialty anti-static cleaning brush, also a wooden toothpick can help us make it. Be sure to slightly clean the port using the wooden toothpick with little alcohol. 

2.  Check Your Charging Block and the USB cable

If your lightning port is just clean enough, or it still doesn’t work after cleaning up the port. The next step is to check your charging block and the USB cable. To inspect the charger, you can simply change for another one which was Apple’s official charger or other high quality chargers (you can lend one from your family or friend to try it out).

3. Contact Apple for Support

If both of your iPhone’s lightning port and charger work properly, we afraid that there might be something wrong with your iPhone’s hardware, which you need to contact Apple to get your phone replaced or repaired by an authorized service provider.