It’s a tough week for Apple. Apple just pushed out the fix for macOS High Sierra’s root bug and now there’s a new bug in iOS 11 that’s randomly rebooting/respringing iPhones across the globe. This one has to do with the date and notification system. If you’re experiencing resprings every 30 seconds or when you get a notification, follow the steps below. Even if you’re not facing the issue yet, take the steps below to make sure you’re safe from the bug.

The Issue

The bug has to do with the date (#dategate?). When the date rolls over to December 2nd (in different time zones), it seems to trigger this reboot behavior. Some users on Reddit have linked it to apps that send a daily notification (like Headspace or Calm).

How to Fix iOS 11.1.2 Date Bug

If your iPhone isn’t experiencing this issue right now, or if it’s just respringing, the first thing you should do is connect your iPhone to your computer and take a full iTunes backup.

Install iOS 11.2

Apple has released iOS 11.2 which includes new features like Apple Pay Cash, but it also includes a fix for iOS 11.1.2 date bug which is causing iPhone reboot/respring issue. So, install iOS 11.2 on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to fix the date bug.

Change The Date

Apple’s official fix, for the time being, is to rewind the clock. Set the date for a couple of days before December 2nd. This is not the perfect solution because apps and services that constantly check the time, will just stop working. Plus, you might lose your Health data and there might be issues with iMessage. Still, until Apple rolls out an update, this is the only official way to take care of this bug.

After changing the date, reboot your phone. It should now work fine. If it doesn’t, do a hard reset after changing the date. For steps on how to do a hard reset on your iPhone follow the links: iPhone 6/6s, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X.

Delete Daily Reminder Apps

Some users have reported that deleting apps that send a daily reminder takes care of the issue. So if you have apps like Calm or Headspace installed, delete them for now. Or you day try turning off their notifications.

Disable Background App Refresh

Go to Settings -> General and disable Background App Refresh till Apple releases a fix.

Reset Settings

If nothing else works, you’ll need to reset settings (this will not wipe your user data). Go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings.

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