Recently, some Galaxy S8 owners are experiencing audio problems with their handsets. On Samsung’s community discussion forums, many users have complained about audio cutting out on their phones when streaming videos, playing music or games. The issue seems to affect the built-in speakers, and using headphones is a way to circumvent the problem. Currently, the source of the issue has not been identified, making it difficult to attribute it to a software bug or a hardware defect. Before Samsung gives a fix officially, find the solutions below to see whether it works.

1. Check out the settings on your device.

  • Is the phone on mute?
  • Do you have headphones attached or paired via Bluetooth?
  • Did you check and install any software updates?
  • Have you checked notification settings? Notification alerts temporarily mute audio.
  • Is there anything inside the headphone jack?
  • Has your phone been in contact with any liquids or recently submerged? If so, give it some time to dry.

If everything checks out but you are still experiencing this audio problem, there are a couple of fixes you can try.

2. Reset your Galaxy S8

The first is to perform a factory reset on your Galaxy S8/S8 Plus. Before you do, it is a good idea to back up your phone. To do this, go to Settings > General management > Reset > Factory data reset. If you use a microSD card, remove it during the reset and reinstall it afterward. Many people on Samsung’s forum have reported that doing this solved all audio issues.

3. Use your fingers

Another fix some owners found successful is to press firmly an inch or two above the speakers on the S8/S8 Plus. Samsung forum users reported that doing so restored the audio immediately. I would warn you to be careful when applying pressure to your phone as to not cause further damage.

If any of these fixes don’t work, contact Samsung or the carrier where you purchased your phone for further assistance. Also, it is worth noting that this problem might be the result of accidental damage — like dropping the phone.

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