Apple introduced a true, system-wide dark mode in macOS Mojave. Unlike previous versions of the OS, where only the Dock and menu bar were dark, Mojave brings a full fledged dark mode that spans across most of the native apps such as Messages, iTunes, Mail, and more. Follow along as we walk you through how to enable Dark Mode in macOS Mojave.

Step 1. Fire up System Preferences. Do this by clicking  on the top left, and clicking System Preferences.

Step 2. Tap on General.

Step 3. Under Appearance, you have two options that are represented visually. The one on the left is the default/light mode, and the one on the right is the dark mode.

mac 10.14 dark mode

Whether you like light or dark, macOS Mojave has you covered. Unfortunately, unlike previous macOS versions, you now can’t have a dark menu bar and Dock but retain light across the rest of the system, or vice versa.