Sometimes, if you go to somewhere with no internet connection, which makes it difficult to watch your desired YouTube videos. However, if you download the YouTube videos to your device in advance, you can watch them wherever you are without worrying about the internet connection. And this tutorial will give some options to help you with that.
Before we get started, please note that the methods introduced below are meant to help people enjoy these online videos themselves, and downloading these videos may violate some agreement with YouTube, so we recommend you to realize this disclaimer before downloading the videos and please do not download the videos without the creators’ permission.

Method 1. Download YouTube videos to device using YouTube app.
YouTube allows you to download certain videos on Android and iOS. Follow these steps to download those videos.

1. Open the YouTube app on your smartphone.
2. Find your desired video on the app.
3. Find the Download button Below the title between Share and Add to. This will show up only if the creator of the video allowed to be downloaded.
4. Once you tap Download, the video will begin downloading and you can watch it from the app whenever you want to.

Method 2. Download YouTube videos to device using desktop program.

Syncios Manager is a free application to help you download YouTube videos (or other up to 100+ online video sites like Vimeo, LiveLeak, Niconico etc) and music to your Android/iOS devices. Futhermore, the program also enables you to convert the format of the videos/music to suit for your device. Customizing the quality is also available.

1. Download and install Syncios Manager program.

Simply install this handy video downloader on your computer and launch it. On the main interface, select Video Downloader option.

2. Get the link of your desired videos on YouTube sites.

Navigate to YouTube (or other video sites) to locate the videos you would like to download. Simply click on the Share button under the video sites then copy URL on the tab. Of course, you can also right click on the video playing window and select “Copy Video URL” to copy the URL.

get youtube video url

3. Start to download the videos from YouTube

Simply paste the YouTube video URL on the dialog box or directly drag and drop the URL from Firefox, Chrome or other browsers. And you can download multiple videos at one time, simply press Enter key to input each URL on a new line. Then select a preferable download quality for your desired videos and customize the saving path.

youtube downloader

Optional: Besides, if you upgraded to Ultimate version(version compare>>), you are allowed to convert the downloaded videos automatically and directly save them to your device, otherwise, you need to convert the videos manually by using the “Video Converter” tool on the Toolkit.

With the above steps done, simply click “Start Download” to launch the downloading process. After a while, the videos would be downloaded (converted) successfully.

download youtube videos

If you downloaded the videos to your computer, you can simply transfer the videos to your device with this program as well.