Nowadays, many people like taking photos with their smartphones. However, a lot of photos saved on your phone can take large space, and make it hard to find specific photo when you need. So it’s necessary to delete the photos you don’t need. And this article is here to give you options to delete photos on your iPhone/iPad in bulk.

1. Delete photos in bulk directly on iPhone

If there are not too much photos on your iPhone, and you just need to delete some of them, you can simply delete them on iPhone. Open the Photos app on your iPhone, click on “Select” button on the right top of the screen. To delete the photos in bulk, the key point is that you don’t need to tap the photos one by one, simply slide your finger from left to right on the screen to select the photos in bulk, or you can even draw diagonal lines to select more photos. Of course, if you need certain photos among the selected ones, you can simply uncheck them. After that, click on Delete button to delete the photos.
delete photos

2. Delete photos in bulk with free iPhone photo manager

If there are bunch of photos saved on your iPhone, then it would be inconvenient to delete them in bulk on iPhone directly. In this case, a free handy third-party iPhone photo manager can assist us with that.

Download syncios windows Download syncios mac

Download and install this free iPhone photos manager on your computer, launch it, then connect your iPhone to the program with an USB cable. After the manager successfully detect your iPhone, click on “Photos” section on the left of the panel. To delete the photos in bulk, you can simply select the photos by ticking off it, of course, you are allowed to select the photos by date, or select all. Similarly, uncheck the certain ones you need, then hit Delete button to delete them in bulk.
delete photos in bulk