After Facebook’s data leak scandal, there is an another database breach on Twitter? Not quite: This is in response to a glitch that left passwords exposed in an internal Twitter log. Although Twitter says it fixed the bug and found no indication the passwords were taken, the recommendation remains: change your password. So how to change your Twitter password quickly?

In both the Android and iOS versions of Twitter, tap your profile picture (upper-left corner), then tap Settings and privacy > Account. If you’re an Android user, next tap Password; on iOS, it’s Change password. Enter the old password, then the new one, then confirm the change.

The process is virtually identical if you’re working in a browser: Click your profile, then Settings and privacy > Password.

Note that if you have two-factor authentication turned on for your account, you won’t be able to sign back in until you’ve completed both steps (namely, entering the new password and verifying your identity via phone).