The Voice Memos app for iOS got a major revamp with iOS 12. With this comes a new design, but also new features as well. One of those new features is the ability to change the audio quality of your recordings. This is incredibly important for those who use voice memos in a professional environment such as recording sound bites for songs. Follow along as we walk you through how to change the audio quality in Voice Memos with iOS 12.

How to change audio quality in Voice Memos

1. Fire up Settings > Voice Memos.
2. Choose Audio Compression Quality.
3. You’ll be prompted with two options. AAC and Uncompressed. AAC is the standard Apple Music streaming quality (lossy) that tries to compress everything into something most people won’t notice. While Uncompressed, well, leaves everything as is and is typically used in a professional environment. This will, by definition, use more storage on your iPhone or iPad.

Most users will likely keep the option at AAC, which gives you Apple Music level audio quality, and saves tons of space. But for those who may use it in a professional environment or just want the best quality out there, Uncompressed is an option Apple now gives.

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