Apple News+ officially launched one month ago today, which means those who subscribed to the free trial are about to get hit with their first monthly bill. If you’ve spent some time with the service and decided it’s not for you, here’s how to cancel Apple News+.

Apple News+ is still in its early days, and because of that, it’s far from perfect. There are interface quirks, buggy loading times for magazines, and much more. Over time, Apple News+ will surely improve, but in the interim, there’s a lot with which to be frustrated.

Apple News+ offers access to hundreds of publications for a single monthly fee of $9.99. What it ultimately comes down to is whether you find yourself reading the included publications. If you’re only reading a single publication, it might be more affordable to watch for a deal on a standalone subscription.

Don’t forget that even if you cancel Apple News+ today, you can always resubscribe in the future, perhaps when some of the early bugs have been worked out and new publications join.

How to cancel Apple News+

If you’ve decided that Apple News+ isn’t worth the $120/per year for you, there are two different ways to cancel it. The easiest is to do so directly through the Apple News app on your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Tap the “Following” tab along the bottom
  2. Scroll all the way down and look for “Manage Subscriptions”
  3. Choose “Cancel Subscription”

You can also cancel an Apple News+ subscription through the Settings app:

  1. Open settings and tap your name at the top
  2. Select “iTunes and App Store”
  3. Tap your Apple ID
  4. Tap “View Apple ID”
  5. Tap “Subscriptions” at the bottom
  6. Look for “Apple News+
  7. Tap “Cancel Subscription”

Two simplest methods to cancel Apple New+ have been introduced, hope it can help you. And there are more helpful tips of iOS related, check them on:


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