WeChat is a messaging App developed by Tencent. So far, it is the largest standalone messaging app by monthly active users.The app is available on Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Symbian phones, and there are also Web-based, OS X and Windows clients but these require the user to have the app installed on a supported mobile phone for authentication and neither message roaming nor ‘Moments’ is provided.

WeChat provides text messaging, hold-to-talk voice messaging, broadcast (one-to-many) messaging, sharing of photographs and videos, and location sharing. It can exchange contacts with people nearby via Bluetooth, as well as providing various features for contacting people at random if desired (if these are open to it) and integration with social networking services such as those run by Facebook. Photographs may also be embellished with filters and captions, and a machine translation service is available.As of August 2014, WeChat has 438 million active users; with 70 million outside of China.

However, unlike the other messaging Apps, WeChat could only save your messages or history on phone. Once you change a new phone, you will lose all history data, such as text messages, voice messages, pictures. Many people are  vexed by such problem and turn to forums or Google for help,but very few people responded. So the question still is “How to backup and restore my WeChat messages?” Don’t be worried. Here you come to the right place. Just kindly follow the following steps.
Step 1: Launch WeChat and click “Setting” button on the lower right corner.  Then you will see the “General” option on the new interface, simply click it. Under the General menu, select “Chat History Backup”.
backup wechat

backup wechat
Step 2: Now you can see the “backup” button. Click it and start to select the conversations or chat history you would like to backup.
backup wechat message

backup wechat

Step 3:You can set a password for the chat history safety upload, or click “Back up” directly.

backup wechat

Step 4: When you are logged in to your new iPhone or Android Phone, select “Restore” and enter the password (if you set one). The backed-up history will be restored to your device from the server.

bakup messagerestore message

Note: For new version of WeChat, please follow How to transfer WeChat chat history to new phone.

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