Force Touch is expected to be a major marketing point of the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, which Apple is expected to officially unveil at its much-anticipated September 9 event. But how, exactly, will the feature, which underpins the Apple Watch’s pressure-sensitive screen and the trackpad on the latest MacBooks, work on Apple’s new iPhones? And what kinds of new gestures will you need to learn to take advantage of it?

Check in on your emails

3D Touch works inside Apple apps and Mail and it seems like a natural fit for the new feature. In this scenario, a light press or ‘peek’ will let you preview an email. This will expand the message. Press harder and you can actually interact with the message. You’ll now also be able to swipe from the side or below to act on the message or simply send it to the trash.

Launch apps without launching apps

If you want to access apps without even opening them, 3D Touch will let you do that as well. So from the homescreen you can peek on Phone and Music to quickly call a favourite contact or tune into Zane Lowe on Beats 1 Radio, or even your favourite group.


Press the Camera icon on the Home screen, then choose Take Selfie from the Quick Actions menu.


Similarly when working with Photos you can press to peek at an image, swipe up to share or copy it or press deeper to pop the image to full screen.

Peek into Messages

Perhaps one of the most useful applications of 3D Touch is using it with Messages. When someone texts you with a time or even a location you can peek at it to see if you have time in your calendar or view the location on the map. You can now peek into URLs without opening Safari as well and view departure and arrival times if someone has sent you flight details.

In addition to making it easier to navigate around your favorite apps, Force Touch should enable developers to create new types of games.


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