Google is today celebrating the one year anniversary of its My Accounts tool by introducing new features. Not only is accessing accounts easier, but it’s also more useful as well.

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First up is a dedicated tool for finding a lost or stolen phone. In just a couple of steps you’ll be well on your way to locating the handset. Moreover, the tool also allows for you to remotely lock it, secure your account, leave a callback number, and more. Some of these options have already been available to Android users via the Android Device Manager.

Getting into your account simplified, too. Now all that’s required is a Google voice search of “OK Google, show me my Google account. It’s worth noting that the feature is only available in English as of today but more languages are coming soon.

find android phone

On the horizon, things will get even better. Locating a missing Android or iOS phone is about to get a lot more simple thanks to a simple Google command: “I lost my phone.” All you’ll have to do is head to Google and get to tracking it down.

Also coming soon is the ability to get into your My Account settings by searching for your own name. If logged into a device, you’ll see a shortcut pop up in the results taking you directly to the tool.

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