Follow your favorite Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics athletes and get the latest medal results delivered straight to your mobile devices.

Now that Bruno Bowl 2014 is over, it’s time to turn our attention to the Winter Olympics. The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics officially kick off this week in Russia, and you can follow the action with these apps. Keep tabs on your favorite athletes and events from anywhere.

NBC Olympics Highlights

NBC Olympics Highlights
(Credit: NBC)

Get the latest news, video highlights, previews, and in-depth stories with this app for iOS andAndroid. You’ll find the live-stream schedule, TV listings, and results all in one place, from NBC, the official network for this year’s event.

Visa 360 Cam

Visa 360 Cam(Credit: Visa)

Ever wonder what the games look like from an Olympian’s POV? Now you’ll know with Visa 360 Cam. Interact with 360-degree panoramic recordings of real athletes performing their runs or routines. Check out the figure-skating cam. This is the closest you’ll get to being in the Olympics without putting in any of the hard work. Available for iOS and Android.

Sochi 2014 Guide

Sochi 2014 Guide(Credit: ANO Organizing Committee)

Don’t let the time difference stop you from catching everything. Schedule your favorite events, and the app will notify you when to tune in. The guide can integrate with your Calendar on iOS , so you can even plan your meetings (or your sleep) around events. Sochi Guide is also available in the Play Store.

Medal Alert

Medal Alert(Credit: International Olympic Committee)

Don’t have time to watch but want updates? Select your favorite sports and teams, and this app will notify you whenever a medal is awarded during the Winter Games. Grab it for iOS andAndroid.

Team USA, Pinsanity, and Hola

Team USA
(Credit: United States Olympic Committee)

If you want to know more about individual competitors, Team USA (iOSAndroid) offers biographies, personal stories, and highlights of U.S. athletes. Olympic pin collectors can grab the Team USA Pinsanity app for iOS or Android and start trading digital pins with friends during the games. Pinsanity requires a Facebook account, but with hundreds of pins to collect, the app will give you a little something to do between competitions.

(Credit: Hola)

While not a sports app, Hola is something sports fans should take note of. Hola started out as a way to speed up Web browsing and reduce data consumption, but its VPN service is quickly becoming one of the best ways to access live-streaming sites that may be restricted. This year’s Winter Olympics broadcasts are tape-delayed due to the U.S./Russia time difference, so dedicated fans will be pleased to hear that they can watch streaming events via international networks. The BBC has a dedicated channel and so does the CBC. With Hola, users can catch Olympics competitions as they happen. Just download Hola and set it to the appropriate country. Using VPN to access free, live-streaming events is still a legally gray area, so be sure to get informed about local regulations.

Download Hola: