In some instances, when you try to use the iTunes Store, your computer won’t be able to connect to it and iTunes will pop up an error message that reads, “We could not complete your iTunes Store request. An unknown error occurred (-9808). There was an error in the iTunes Store. Please try again later.”

Cause of the Error

This error is caused when the date and time settings, or security certificate settings, on your computer are incorrect.

Systems Affected

  • iTunes

Fixing iTunes Error -9808 on Windows 7

  1. Click the Windows Start menu in the bottom left corner
  2. Click Control Panels on the right side of the menu
  3. Chose Clock, Language, and Region
  4. Click Set the Date and Time
  5. Click the Change Date and Time button
  6. Set the correct date and time in the pop-up window
  7. Click OK, then Apply.
  8. Try accessing the iTunes Store again

Other versions of Windows will use some variant of this process, but they all begin by clicking the Windows Start menu selecting Control Panels, and editing the one that contain the Date & Time.

Fixing iTunes Error -9808 on a Mac

  1. Click the Apple menu at the top left-hand corner of the screen
  2. Click on System Preferences
  3. Choose the Date & Time icon in the 4th row of options
  4. Click on the checkbox next to Set date and time automatically. This will ensure that your computer’s date and time will be automatically updated over the Internet.
  5. Double check to make sure it’s now set correctly. If it is, close the window and retry accessing the iTunes Store.
  6. If it’s not, uncheck the box and set the date and time yourself. Now try to access iTunes again.

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