“Love and Death” is the latest adaption by HBO Max of a true crime story from 1980. Although the story has already been depicted in two previous movie versions, the show’s director, Lesli Linka Glatter, fell in love with each character and their complex relationships. Also, she wanted to offer the public a different perspective on the story, which happened in a nostalgic Methodist community in Texas with a churchgoing mother, Candy Montgomery, who kills her friend, Betty Gore.

A Sensational Love with Killing and a Trial

Candy is a sweet, quiet, and apparently lovely wife and mother. She attends the local church’s events where she’s in a group of churchgoing people. She makes friends with Betty. As the three-episode show proceeds, we see that Candy isn’t happy with her husband, Pat Montgomery. She wishes he could show her more attention and make her feel desired.

The stability of Candy and Pat’s marriage starts to crack as Candy engages in a love affair with Betty’s husband, Allen Gore. As their hidden affair becomes more intense, Candy and Allan decide to stop seeing each other. However, Betty understands about their secret relationship and confronts Candy. The two women have a heated argument until Betty catches an axe and tries to kill Candy, who fights against her friend and eventually kills her.

The series indulges in the fact that such sick love caused the killing. Candy didn’t want to lose, neither did Betty. But wins and losses are just part of life and growth. Everything is subject to this dualism of existence except when you play online casino games and can use different bonuses and offers, like at https://www.casinobonusesnow.com/, a true mecca of the best casino offerings. With some good luck, Candy could avoid the judicial process by lying. It didn’t take too much to have the police catch up with her, though.

Candy is now at the center stage of a story of murk killing within an apparently quiet and God-feared methodist community. The story attracts reporters, photographers, and curios spectators to the point that the judge decides to move the process to a larger courthouse, where the trial will find her not guilty.

What About the End of the Story?

After the process verdict, Candy decided to move to Georgia. She wants to start a new life with her family, but not long after moving, Candy and Pat divorce. Candy is currently a family therapist. 

Allen remarried with church organist Elaine Williams. But the two got a divorce. Allen married again and moved to Maine, where he still lives. 

Candy’s attorney, Don Crowder, ran for governor in Texas but didn’t win the political race. According to the Dallas Observer, Crowder suffered from depression and was arrested on DWI evidence. As a final update provided in “Love and Death”, we can read that Crowd did suicide by a self-inflicted gunshot. 

As director Lesli Linka Glatter says, this true story drives viewers to deep considerations about how wife-husband love can turn into a cause for catastrophe that can disrupt the harmony within a suburban community of churchgoers.