Spotify is one of the most popular streaming services. The Android app is packed with features, but not all of them are immediately apparent. Get more out of your streaming service with our tips and for Spotify music.

How much does Spotify cost?

Spotify Tariff Free Premium Family Students
Price / month Free 9,99 € 14,99 € 4,99 €
Test phase 30 days
Advertising No Yes Yes Yes
Offline playback No Yes Yes Yes
Sound quality 128 kBit/s (Web player)

up to 160 kBit/s via App

320 kBit/s 320 kBit/s 320 kBit/s
Devices per account 1 stream simultaneously 1 stream simultaneously, 3 offline devices 1 stream simultaneously, 3 offline devices 1 stream simultaneously, 3 offline devices
Notes Shuffle Play Only PlayStation users can get two test months Up to 5 independent premium accounts University registration necessary

You can use Spotify for free. However, the free edition is massively reduced in its functional scope. So you can’t tap on individual tracks to play them. Instead, there is only an artist or list-specific shuffle playback. You will also hear commercials between the songs. In order to permanently remove these and other restrictions, the Premium Membership is required.

Use Spotify offline: play downloaded songs

Music streaming consumes data volume. How much of it depends on the number and quality of the songs you stream on the road. Thanks to the default setting, Spotify does not consume any data volume when used offline.

If you want to allow mobile streaming, you can turn on Download using cellular. The quality level of the tracks allows you to control how much data consumption you have to expect. Calculate between 1 MB (normal quality) and 4 MB (extreme quality) per minute.

Download Spotify on Local path and permanently own it

This part is devoted to sharing with you a good tool to download your Spotify music to local path. That is TuneCable Apple Music Converter which enables Spotify music lovers to convert playlists as MP3 files.  After the conversion ,you can permanently own these songs without no fear of  losing them, even though you cancel the description.And they can further simply upload the MP3 files to their phones, music players, SD card or to your Vehicle devices.

Download syncios windows Download syncios mac

Step 1: Download and install TuneCable Spotify Music Downloader on your PC. Run it when you will firstly be guided to add the Spotify playlists into TuneCable. Then open the Spotify App on your PC at the same time, go to copy the playlists links that you want to convert them to MP3 files. Turn back TuneCable and pasted the links when program will read and download the songs exactly.

Add files

Step 2:  Click on the“Settings” button above where you go to customize essential parameters like Output format, Output quality and Conversion speed, etc). Here you can choose format as MP3. Still AAC, FLAC or WAV are offered if you need in next time. For output directory, you can personalize the path based on your habits on PC.


Step 3:  Click “Convert” button to convert those audio file to MP3 format with great quality.

Tips : If you are premium user of Spotify music, you are allowed to stream up to 320kbps music on Spotify, so you can use TuneCable program to download music from Spotify with up to 320kbps quality.

start to convert spotify as MP3 files

Step 4:  Check for the completed songs by Converted section. if in necessary, you can as well export the converted Spotify MP3 files to iTunes or manually add to your most-use platform combined with Syncios Manager.

By extracting Spotify Music as MP3 files, you can easily store the downloaded Spotify playlists in to a tiny music players. All the TuneCable downloaded songs will automatically remove the ads. (Check this passages for details.)  It is so good especially for joggers who don’t want to carry a phone around to listen music when running. So many good sides add to Spotiy music as MP3 formats. If you are a Spotify Music enthusiast, why not use TuneCable Spotify Downloader to bring your more benefits?

successfully convert spotify as MP3 files

Storing Spotify data on a memory card

Downloading Spotify playlists or albums for offline access is a simple exercise: Just tap Download in the respective view. Because if your smartphone has only little storage space left, the music should end up on the memory card if possible. Check the settings of Spotify to see if the correct storage target is selected.

Spotify: further tips?

If you are pretty intrested in more Spotify music conversion and downloaded tips , you can go to have more HOW-TO tips on the 

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